"Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little."
-Tom Stoppard


On my nature's walk,
While going on a way had a balk.
To be shocked,
There were fences in which trees were locked.
Have the days changed so much???
That the trees are not secure as such!!!
We have been so cruel to them,
But do not forget they are nature's real gem.
Trees provided us with food,oxygen and shelter,
But still man wishes a life of ambassador.
Enough luxuries you demanded,
Now its nature's turn to be awarded.
Take an oath of planting saplings every year,
Take a step forward to save our atmosphere.
Saying this i continued my walk ,
Thank u for listening my talk.


                                                        -Shreya K. 

Understand Me

It's not about adjustment,
Neither about any agreement.
She looked out for happiness,
Was known for her calmness.
She gave all her efforts,
But nothing changed as she failed to convert.
Wasn't easy to handle,
Her heart melted like candle.
But he never wanted to compromise,
Always wanted her to follow his orders and promises.
She forgot happiness,
And so she had to move on,
Again she was alone.
                                     - Shreya K. 

Secret of Sadness

Both fairies were good friends,
No misunderstandings and fights between them.
One would prefer disturbing happiness,
The other had been spreading tension, fear and sadness.
They never talked about their work,
Also never tried to berk.
Once they coincided to the same person,
Human got confused as happiness was celebration.
Sad moment overruled the happy one,
Happy fairy felt lonely.
She thought to help that human,
As he fought with his time she had been his accession.
Sad fairy did not like this and decided to distribute sadness to more, 
And so we have ten sad moments and happy moments four. 
 - Shreya k.