Taking Her to Right Way

She was on the way to home,
rushed into the bus with her luggage along.
Bored of looking outside,
noticed a guy sitting besides.
Had a normal conversation,
and were no more strangers by abbreviation. 
She had been a bit upset,
as she had become used to cigarettes.
She couldn't reveal it to her parents,
she was sent for educational assignments.
He was a bit shocked but did not react,
tried to understand her as she shared her acts.
She reached home with a calm smile,
but noticed that he lives on their way not even a mile.
No attention to what she did,
she was just thinking of the conversation they did.
He came home next morning,
gave her Christmas cake and pudding.
Promising her not to reveal anything,
he told her to repeat these tasks and become a good human being.
She accepted and realized her mistake,
and with time they loved each other like swans in a lake.

                                                                                       -Shreya K.


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